September 6, 2019 - Hurricane Dorian’s catastrophic damage on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama in The Bahamas, is unprecedented. Entire communities have been ravaged by 20-foot storm surge and 185 mph sustained winds. Substantial parts of Grand Bahama remain underwater. 35 persons are confirmed dead by the Government of The Bahamas, with the count expected to rise.

The Bahamas Protected Areas Fund (BPAF) and the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) stand together in our efforts to assist the Bahamian people. Together, we will work with and promote trusted organizations and agencies interested in providing much needed relief for the islands.

The Bahamas Protected Areas Fund is mandated by the BPAF Act of 2014 to support sustainable financing of protected areas. BPAF is led by a Board of Directors with expertise in environmental management, ecology, government relations, finance and law. Our organization is governed by International Best Practices for Conservation Trust Funds and our operations are transparent and sound. We are a member of the Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture, a mechanism led by the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund, whose mission is to support biodiversity conservation and climate resilience in member countries around the Caribbean.

We invite your support for the recovery efforts within The Bahamas. BPAF and our Board of Bahamian civil society and government leaders, strictly honour donor intent; you can have confidence that your funds will be directed as agreed. There are several ways to channel your support to The Bahamas:

(i) Distribution of immediate relief supplies – see listing of immediate needs at:

(ii) Donate to BPAF - During the restoration process and in keeping with BPAF and CBF mandates, BPAF will give local grants to support the following - assessments to determine the impacts of Hurricane Dorian on ecosystem health, restoration of  impacted  protected areas, and other initiatives related to ecosystem recovery following Hurricane Dorian. We will also support the provision of water purification systems and renewable energy initiatives for communities in Abaco and Grand Bahama.

     Our wire instructions are below.   

Our sincere thanks for your interest and support in helping The Bahamas through this disaster. For further information, we may be reached at 242-698-1152, 242-437-2168 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Persons and organizations making donations/contributions directly to BPAF will be recognized on

Thank you for your support!

Wire Instructions for Bahamas Protected Areas Fund

Intermediary Bank:     CHASUS33
(IBK)                               JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
  ABA 021000021
Pay to Bank:                 /001 1 188448
  RBC Royal Bank of Canada (Bahamas) Ltd.
  Nassau, Bahamas
BENEFICIARY:              Bahamas Protected Areas Fund

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