The Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) and the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) teams are in full gear for our 2 nd Annual CCI-CBF Week from June 26-30, 2017.  The week of meetings brings together CCI and CBF members and observers as well as development partners and funders.  This year, the meetings will be held in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


This special gathering of the CCI Participants Assembly will represent the first of two major preparatory meetings toward the 2nd CCI Summit, which is scheduled for the last quarter of 2018. The first CCI Summit held in May 2013 reaffirmed the two CCI goals: 1) To conserve and effectively manage at least 20% of the marine and coastal environment by 2020 (20-by- 20 Goal); and 2) To put in place fully functioning finance mechanisms that provide long-term, reliable funding to ensure marine and coastal areas are sustainably managed into the future. The CBF and national level conservation funds being established throughout the region, the collective known as the Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture, form the basis for achieving CCI goal 2.

This year’s meeting has three parts: (i) the CBF Annual Meeting; (ii) a “Solutions Dialogue” day; and (iii) the first meeting of the CCI Participants Assembly (involving governments, the private sector and partners).

The week’s activities are intended to chart the course and develop the outcomes of the 2 nd CCI Summit.

We are expecting participants over the four days of CCI-CBF Week 2017.  There will be several exciting announcements and updates on the Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture, new and emerging CBF member funds, and exchange on the regional progress towards the 20 by 20 goal.

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