Phase 1 of the CCI

Phase 1 of the CCI

In 2008, eight Caribbean governments launched the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) during the COP 9 Meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity(CBD) in Germany. Demonstrating leadership, The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Greanda, Jamaica, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines made initial commitments to the '20 by 20' goal.

Several funding projects implemented to support the CCI, including Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects in the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Eastern Caribbean, as well as, an Italian Government funded project focused on marine protected areas (MPAs) and sustainable finance.

To support the '20 by 20' goal and to advance protected areas conservation, a new sustainable finance architecture—a set of trust funds—was designed, with the aim of generating reliable, long-term funding needed to support the Caribbean's marine and coastal environment and protected area systems in the years ahead.

In June 2009, the CCI was endorsed at the 30th CARICOM Heads of Government Summit in Guyana and in September 2012 US $ 42 million of initial financial commitments by Germany (BMU - KfW), GEF and The Nature Conservancy towards the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) - the centerpiece of the sustainable financing architecture. The CBF is designed to provide long term and reliable financiing to support the CCI '20 by 20' goal. 

During Phase I of CCI, over 50 new MPAs were established, and the total protected marine area across all of the participating countries/territories increased from 7% to about 10%.

CCI Governments signed a Leaders Declaration and private sector companies endorsed a Corporate Compact to spur action marine and coastal conservation.

Progress in Phase 1 (Photo Credit: The Nature Conservancy) 


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