Based on in-depth discussions among CCI members and partners, two coordination mechanisms for the CCI have been created during Phase II:

1. CCI Secretariat. Supports the achievement of CCI goals by providing coordination, communication and other services to the three major CCI “constituency groups” (governments, private sector, partners) as well as the CCI Steering Committee.

2. CCI Steering Committee. The CCI Steering Committee was appointed at the 1st CCI Council meeting in September 2016 (Saint Lucia). The Steering Committee provides strategic direction and guidance to achieve CCI’s goals. The current CCI Steering Committee is composed of:

  • Caribbean Government Representative (Minister Romauld Ferreira of the Bahamas)
  • Partner Representative (Ambassador Michael Holger of Germany)
  • Private Sector Representative (Mr. Gerard Bergasse of Tropical Shipping)
  • Chair of the CCI Secretariat (P.S. Merina Jessamy of the Government of Grenada)
  • Representative of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) (Mrs. Eleanor Garraway-Phillips)
  • Representative of the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) (CEO, Mr. Yabanex Batista)

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